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N,N-dimethyltryptamine, or DMT for short, is a hallucinogenic chemical found in many plants and animals. We use it in our dmt vapes. DMT has a long history of spiritual and religious use, notably in South America. DMT, often called the Spirit Molecule or a Businessman’s Trip is a psychedelic that causes strong visual and auditory hallucinations but wears off quickly. Some DMT users report feeling “out of their bodies” and like they’re zooming through a tunnel of colourful lights and geometric forms. Some people claim to have had a life-altering experience after speaking with spiritual or elf-like beings on a trip to another dimension.

One of the most potent psychoactive drugs known to man, dimethyltryptamine (or “DMT”), is naturally created in the human body (along with many other forms of plant and animal life). Compared to other psychedelics, no others share this unique quality (biosynthesis by humans).

Ayahuasca, a tea made from the shrub Psychotria Viridis and used ritually by indigenous inhabitants of the Amazon, has DMT as its primary hallucinogenic ingredient. Please refer to our ayahuasca guide for more information about this mind-altering beverage.

It is also common practice for people to smoke crystal or freebase DMT through a pipe, bong, or vaporizer pen to take it. This method of consumption results in one of the most intense psychedelic experiences possible but also one that lasts only a short while.

Nonetheless, while DMT is naturally produced (probably at considerably higher levels than previously assumed), the body also creates another chemical called Monoamine Oxidase (MAO).


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